All qualified applicants are required to undergo a testing process. Applicants who are successful with testing process are placed on an eligibility list that remains in effect for one year, or until the list is exhausted. As vacancies occur, applicants are contacted according to the order that they appear on the certified list for additional testing.

Initial Testing:

  • Physical Agility Assessment (WLEA Standards);
  • Written Test; and
  • Oral Interview.

Additional Testing:

  • Integrity Interview;
  • Background Investigation;
  • Interview with Police Chief;
  • Conditional Offer;
  • Polygraph Investigation;
  • Psychological Examination;
  • Drug Screen; and
  • Medical Physical Examination.

LATERAL APPLICANTS: Lateral applicants are not required to pass a Physical Agility Assessment and may skip that portion of the testing process. Those applicants are still required to pass every other portion of the process.